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Plains Environmental believes in the future of our industry, in protecting the environment for future generations and in taking care of our employees. We believe this is not only the best way to be competitive over the long-term, it is also the Safe and Responsible way for a business to operate.

From this belief, Plains has built its Reputation and Values on the pillars of Safe, Responsible, and Committed actions in employee safety, environmental integrity, customer service, and community relations.

Safe and Responsible means that Plains Environmental looks beyond simple compliance to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We put our environmental integrity into action by recycling and reclaiming all waste where possible, and by maintaining standards that exceed legislative standards and best practices.

Plains Environmental genuinely cares for our employees and is committed to their safety. It is our responsibility to continually strive to find ways to improve both the safety and efficiency of our sites not only for the people who work on them, but for their families as well.

We know that every situation is unique and may require tailored solutions. That is why at Plains, we are committed to finding the most efficient and appropriate ways to manage waste streams so our customers' needs are looked after in a safe and responsible manner.

The communities in which we operate are more than places to conduct business, they are the homes to our employees and our customers. We believe in this stewardship and are committed to safeguarding and giving back to these communities.


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