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Adhering to demanding environmental standards, the Melville facility utilizes underground caverns originally designed for high-pressure gas storage, ensuring the integrity of our operation.

Wastes are sealed and held for hydrocarbon recovery, leaving only clean dirt and salt water in the cavern at decommissioning.  The result is superior impermeability, safety in durability and an environmental integrity that is unmatched.

This facility offers:

  • Waste management
  • Truck/tank washing
  • Steaming and water disposal

Accepted products include:

  • Oilfield soilds and liquids
  • Industrial solids and liquids
  • Naturally Occuring Radioctive Material (NORM)




Through advanced separation and injection technologies, the Willmar waste management facility provides for the treatment, processing and disposal of oilfield byproducts generated by the upstream petroleum industry

Completion waters can be heated and mixed to typical Bakken reservoir temperatures, which transfers to significant on-lease heating cost savings. This results in an environmentally friendly service that reduces the amount of fresh water resources used for multistage horizontal completions.

This facility offers:

  • Waste management and processing
  • Truck/tank washing and water disposal
  • Waste emulsion treating and oil recovery

Accepted products include:

  • crude oil emulsions
  • tank and vessel residual solids
  • produced water and drilling byproducts


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